7 Best Women’s Wetsuits

Before you dive into open waters, make sure that you’re completely protected from injury or cold temperatures so that you can focus all of your attention on the activity at hand. Check out these highly-rated best women’s wetsuits that have all of the necessary features, plus some awesome bonus perks.

Not all wetsuits are created equal. When it comes to spending extended periods of time in the water, it is important to purchase one of the most high-quality, best womens wetsuits to avoid injury.

What are the most important aspects of a quality wetsuit? The best women’s wetsuits are made of high-quality, flexible, durable fabrics like neoprene or nylon. Ladies’ wetsuits should also sport quality zippers and a snug fit to ensure that it will stay in place while you move around. The best wetsuits are over 2 mm in thickness, have long sleeves, and will not tear or wear out easily. 

It’s ideal to purchase a suit that suits your lifestyle! For example, you might want a legless wetsuit for surfing, but a full-coverage wetsuit for diving. If you live in a warm climate, you should look for a thinner garment rather than a highly insulated one. Below, we have compiled a list of the best wetsuits for women for all occasions. 

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When Will I Need a Ladies’ Wetsuit?

Even if you are spending time outdoors in warm weather and warm water, you’ll want to wear the best womens’ wetsuits to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful UV rays, water pollution, poisonous sea creatures, or abrasive elements like corals, rocks, sand, or harsh winds. If you will be doing any of the following activities, we highly recommend donning a reliable womens wetsuit:

  • Windsurfing
  • Surfing
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Jet skiing
  • Water skiing
  • Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Swimming in cold waters

Seavenger Alpha 3mm Neoprene Fullsuit

Material : 3mm Neoprene

Sleeve Type : Long sleeve arm and leg with stretch panels for swimming and surfing

Color(s) : Black & blue floral

Thickness: 3mm

This wetsuit is ideal for those who are highly active and is good for water 65 degrees and up. Staff tested, this wetsuit is ideal for spring or fall weather. (The side picture is a Seavenger wetsuit on Seminoe lake in Wyoming in October.) They have extra long leashes and are relatively easy to get on and off by yourself. The fit is snug and designed to keep water out so you stay warm. The updated floral design of these suits on Amazon is worth the look. For the price, these wetsuits are a great buy.

COPOZZ Women’s Diving Skin

Material : Spandex

Sleeve Type : Long sleeve arm and leg

Color(s) : Black & hot pink

Thickness: Thin

This thinner suit is ideal for warm temperatures and more casual water play. It sports a long front zipper that makes for easy removal and bright colors that make you easy to spot in the water. Use this suit for protection against the sun and harmful sea creatures like sea lice and jellyfish. 

This suit is made of material similar to a swimsuit, so if you are embarking upon some strenuous activity, like windsurfing or water skiing, we suggest a thicker suit. This suit can actually be worn under a thicker suit for optimal warmth and insulation. 

Seaskin Full Body Diving Suit

Material : Neoprene

Sleeve Type : Long sleeve arm and leg

Color(s) : Black and blue

Thickness: 3mm

This full-length piece is one of the best wetsuits for women that includes three layers of fabric, with flat-lock stitched seams that make for optimal insulation and durability. The full-length version features special knee pads that allow for excellent flexibility and bending, which makes this a great suit for jet skiing, surfing, or diving. This suit also comes in a “shorty” version, with knee-length legs and elbow-length arm sleeves for warmer temperatures. The front zipper allows for easy on and off.

O’Neill Women’s Reactor Spring Wetsuit

Material : Neoprene Rubber

Sleeve Type : Short sleeve and legs

Color(s) : Turquoise and grey

Thickness: 2mm

This ladies wetsuit comes from a reputable and popular brand. Its shorter arm and leg sleeves make for an ideal warm water surfing suit.The rubbery material is highly durable and water resistant, but doesn’t offer tons of insulation, so again, we wouldn’t recommend this for extended periods of time in cold weather or water. It is highly recommended due to its snug and flattering fit.

Triathlon Wetsuit

Material : Hydrodynamic Neoprene

Sleeve Type : Sleeveless

Color(s) : Black and pink

Thickness: 5mm

For competitive swimming, this is the suit you want. It features a completely sleeveless top, which allows for maximum mobility of the arms. Moreover, it is 5mm neoprene, which makes for optimal buoyancy and the maximum buoyancy allowed in professional triathlons. The neckline is made of adjustable velcro for a comfortable, custom fit, and an internal zipper to reduce drag time.

Henderson Thermoprene Wetsuit 

Material : Neoprene with Aqua Silk lining

Sleeve Type : Full body

Color(s) : Black

Thickness: 7mm

This is one of the best womens’ wetsuits designed specifically for cold temperatures. With a 7mm thickness, this garment is designed for maximum insulation. To ensure a snug fit that will not let cold water get inside, all seams are double glued and double sewn, and it is made with durable fabric that allows for 250% flexibility, including stretchy knee pads. Because of its extra insulating fabric and high quality material, this suit is a bit pricier than others.

GoldFin Women’s Wetsuit Top

Material : Neoprene

Sleeve Type : Long arm sleeves, no bottom

Color(s) : Black and pink

Thickness: 2mm

This is not a full body suit, it’s a lightweight top. Wearing a wetsuit top is ideal for flexibility and warmth, and is particularly useful for activities like surfing, wherein the legs are uncovered for optimal mobility, but the top is insulated, warm, and protected from the sun and the water’s harsh chemicals. Pair this top with a swimsuit, or with wetsuit pants. The advantage of having two pieces is that layers can be removed for temperature adjustments, and having two pieces allows for greater flexibility and easier removal. 

How Else Can I Protect Myself In Cold Water Sports?

  1. Water shoes. 

For water activities like surfing, jet skiing, waterskiing, and kayaking, having durable water shoes is a good idea to avoid injuries. Purchase insulated water boots for warmth and protection.

  1. Swim Cap or Wetsuit Hood

Did you know that most of the heat in our bodies is lost through the head and feet? For swimmers who will be submerged in very cold waters, purchasing a wetsuit hood to suplement your women’s wetsuit is a smart idea. Even if you will be in warmer temperatures, a swim cap is a good way to protect the hair and scalp from harmful sun rays and water pollution.

  1. Goggles.

Using goggles for swimming in the ocean is a great way to protect against irritants in the water. They can also help your swimming performance, and help to protect the fragile skin around your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

How Thick Should Women’s Wetsuits Be?

As you may have noticed, wetsuits come in various thicknesses. This is an important factor to consider when purchasing women’s wetsuits. You should make your purchase based off of the type of sport you will be performing in it, and the temperature of the water that you will be submerged in. Below is a general outline, but temperatures may vary depending on the size of the person and the activity being done. As a general rule, it’s always better to be a bit warmer to be safe!

Fabric thickness if water temperature is…

  • Below 39 degrees: 6-7mm 
  • 40-47 degrees: 5-6mm
  • 48-54 degrees: 4-5mm
  • 64-70 degrees: 2-3mm
  • 70-80 degrees: 2mm or thinner

Summing it Up

We think that water sports are the best part of life! Staying safe allows us to continue to do the sports that we love, and to improve our performance. Many of the best womens wetsuits come in a variety of styles, materials, and shapes. To make the most of your water activities and sports, choose a reliable, durable wetsuit so that you can focus on having fun and shed worries about staying warm and protected. 

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