The Best Wakesurf Boards For Beginners

Surf’s up and as we prep the boat and ensure we have all the gear we need for the season, the key questions are always posed.  What is the best Wakesurf Board for me and my family?  What’s new that I should try?  Here’s our list of the best wakesurf boards for those individuals or families that are just getting started in the sport. 

The list is constantly updated, so check back for new additions frequently.

In this article we are focusing specifically on surf style boards (not skim style).  To read about the difference between the two, see the FAQ at the bottom of the post.

The characteristics of a good surf style surf board are generally : 

  • Larger boards:  both in width and length
  • More buoyant:  Which means they are easier to ride and more forgiving generally.
  • Bigger fins:  The more fin surface you have, the better grip and control you have over the board.
  • More intricate shape: In most surf style boards, they will have more curve and contour versus other board types.
  • More Stable: Because of their buoyancy, fins, and shape, they are generally very stable.
  • Appeal to a broad audience: We have had ages 6 to 70 up on our surf style boards.  The are a great fit for beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

All of these things combined create surfboards for beginners that allow you to learn, gain experience, and increase your skills.

What Is The Best Surf Style Board On The Market?

We have surfed and reviewed a ton of surf boards…both surf style and skim style.  Using the criteria above, we have narrowed our list of the best.

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2022 Hyperlite BROADCAST

Hyperlite Broadcast Wakesurfer – Wakesurf Board Endorsed by Shaun Murray – Great for All Wake Surfers, from Beginners to Intermediate Riders – 5ft 4in
  • VERSATILE RIDING: The Broadcast wake surfboard blurs the line between expert & beginner board. It offers the speed & power that advanced riders need for tricks while providing a stable platform for intermediate riders to advance their skills on.
  • LAYERED GLASS: Our wake surfboards are layered with top & bottom fiberglass laminates that overlap around the rail to increase strength. Traditional woven glass fibers will separate but Hyperlites layered glass boards will last year after year.
  • UNIQUE PROFILE: Our rolled edge profile has a more rounded rail shape that suits beginners & advanced surfers, great for your surf session! The mid-tail profile provides a traditional surfboard tail shape for quick carving & maneuverability.
  • ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION: The Biolite 3 Core is the gold standard of the Wakesurf industry, a proprietary foam core mixture encased in layered fiberglass. This formula bonds top and bottom laminates for a durable and responsive Wakesurf board.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: The Hyperlite broadcast wakesurf board features an advanced design that optimizes performance on the waves. Our wake surfboard has a sleek shape and rocker profile that allows for smooth carving and effortless turns.

Size: 4’8”& 5’4”

Board Type: Surf Style

Experience Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Price Range: Under $400

For a family of beginning to intermediate surfers, we love the Hyperlite Broadcast.  We have owned the Broadcast series of boards for years and they provide amazing stability and responsiveness at a fantastic price.  Maybe the best value board on the market for those just starting.

Its Dual concave design give a new rider solid control, while also allowing an intermediate surfer the ability to gain speed and start into new tricks.  The slight swallow tail and foot pad that is positioned in the back of the board both provide great control and stability.  

A fully machined EVA pad is also a unique feature of this surfboard that provides a much larger surface and improved grip when trying to first get up or when learning to initially stabilize the board on the wave.

Take Those Fins Off!

For the intermediate surfer that is looking for a little more spin and slide, Hyperlite makes it easy to remove any of the 3 fins and completely change the board into something even more dynamic. We recommend removing the outside 2 fins and leave the single middle fin for a next level experience. It makes the board much more versatile and dynamic.

The Verdict

For the price point it’s really hard to go wrong with the Hyperlite Broadcast.  It is a versatile board that lets any skill level find success in wake surfing.  It’s size and design make for solid control and stability, and for the money, it’s just really hard to not have one of these on your surf rack!

2022 Phase Five Doctor

Phase 5 Wakesurf Board The Doctor 55″
  • FLEXtec V2 Lamination
  • Reflex Speedrail
  • Flexspine Carbon Stringer
  • Quad Surf Set
  • Deluxe Surf Pad + P5 Techno Grip Traction v2

Size: 55:”& 57” & 59”

Board Type: Surf Style

Experience Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Price Range: Under $1,000

Looking for the absolute top of the line wake surf board to start your collection?  Look no further than the Phase Five Doctor.  I’ve got a fever and the only cure is coming from the Doctor!!! 

Phase Five is the luxury line of surfboards.  They build amazing boards that live up to the reputation and price tag.

The Doctor is their beginner to intermediate level surfer that offers amazing stability with a 4 fin setup.  Somehow with the size of this board and all the fins keeping you completely in control, Phase Five still delivers speed and a whole lot of fun.

Good For Any Skill or Size

Our experience is the 55” is a really great board that you will want to ride for years to come.  With weight accommodation up to 225lbs and recommended height as low as 5’6”, this can be a board the entire family will love…especially if you are just getting started with wake surfing.

Once you gather that additional skill, take off a set of fins and the Doctor transforms into a playful ride that intermediate riders will love to learn on.

The Verdict

It’s really hard to beat Phase 5 for quality, versatility, and fun.  The Doctor is no exception.  It’s a wonderful beginner surfer that can give a broad range of sizes and skills an absolute amazing ride.  Stable, beautiful design, and Phase Five luxury all in one package.

Ronix Koal Classic Fish

Size:4’6”& 5’ & 5’6”

Board Type: Surf Style

Experience Level: Beginner-Intermediate

Price Range: Under $700

The Ronix Koal Classic Fish surfboard is a timeless masterpiece.  It’s beautiful with it’s wood grain look and timeless design, it really does fit its name….classic!

The Koal Classic comes in 3 different sized to fit a variety of riders.  Our experience would say that the 5’ board will accommodate most beginners under 200lbs.  The buoyancy on this board makes it stable and able to be ridden by a variety of skill levels and size riders.

It’s a surf board that brings a lot to the table in both attractiveness (which we all know is a big deal on any surf boat) and fun.


With it’s default fin setup, the Koal Classic is so stable and smooth.

As your surfing crew gets more and more experienced, we recommend removing the outer fins to give this board more versatility.  Slides, spins, and other surface tricks are all capable as you reduce the fins.

The Verdict

This board may be one of the prettiest designs on the market.  If fit and finish are important to your surfboat accessories, the Koal Classic Fish will be a valued accessory.  Its versatile, forgiving with new riders, and beautifully designed.

What’s the difference between a surf style surfboard and a skim style board?

Surf style boards are generally more buoyant, have more rounded shapes, and offer larger fin setups than skim boards.  Surf style surfboards are better for the beginning to intermediate surfer who is looking for stability, forgiveness on the wave, and a lot of fun!  Because of their design, they ride much higher on the water which is good for larger individuals and beginners alike.

Summing it up

The best surf style wakesurf board can’t be measured by one feature alone.  The important elements to look for when selecting a beginner to intermediate board include:

  • Weight capacity
  • Number of riders that may share the board; and their individual sizes
  • Design and purpose
  • Price

We don’t feel like you can go wrong with any of the wake surf boards on this page.  They are all amazing boards that the entire crew can enjoy during their early wake surfing experiences!