The best kids wetsuits

Looking to extend your water seasons with the kids?   Wetsuits help keep them warm and add an element of safety as well.

How to select the best wetsuits for kids

Look for these key components in wetsuits for kids:

– Nylon or neoprene material for buoyancy and protection – Thickness of 2-4mm to ensure there is good insulation – Long sleeves and legs, unless you will certainly be in warm water and warm weather – Snug fit

Size is important

Make sure you read the sizing chart Ensure a snug Fit.   Too loose will leave them cold.  Too tight will be restrictive.

A few of our favorites

Lemorecn  Full Body Wetsuits for Youth

A few of our favorites

Hevto Kids Neoprene Wetsuit

A few of our favorites

Dark Lightning Kids Wetsuits

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